Chris White is in regular contact with many of the people who own his designs.  And he's the first place people look to for information if they want to buy one of his boats.  With his intimate knowledge of every aspect of his designs, Chris provides excellent guidance to both buyers and sellers.  Go to YachtWorld for detailed listings.

Immediately after launch AGILITY embarked on a two year sabbatical cruise across the Pacific, then on to the Med and Caribbean. The owners are back at work and AGILITY is ready to do it all again with someone new.

She features the innovative, and safe, MastFoil rig that eliminates the headaches associated with heavy hard to reef and furl mainsails. You can be sailing within seconds of hoisting the anchor. Just unroll the two self tacking jibs with the power furler and off you go. The sails reef and stow in seconds too. No muss, no fuss. Located in Fairhaven, MA.  For full listing, see Chris White Designs on Yacht World.