Chris White is in regular contact with many of the people who own his designs.  And he's the first place people look to for information if they want to buy one of his boats.  With his intimate knowledge of every aspect of his designs, Chris provides excellent guidance to both buyers and sellers.  Go to YachtWorld for detailed listings.

espirtu santi sailing800250

Located in San Diego, CA - this beautiful Atlantic 57 is ready for world voyaging, offering an unparalleled balance of speed, comfort and safety offshore. Rigged for short handed sailing - all lines lead to a midships cockpit with excellent visibility. Inside and outside steering stations make for pleasant watch keeping regardless of weather conditions. With a powerful sail plan and a whopping 41” of wing deck clearance, passages will be fast and comfortable. Composite epoxy construction with carbon reinforced structure and all carbon spars give Espiritu Santi exceptional sailing performance in all sailing conditions. 

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