D21.560.ed.250The new Discovery 21 trimaran is a fast and fun daysailing rocket. While she’s comfortable for up to 4 adults, the self-tending jib makes the D21 easy to single hand. And she’s trailerable!

Discovery is nimble and fast. Sailing performance is excellent. Her 15’ 9” beam and relatively large floats provide good stability for her modern, powerful rig. The self-tending jib makes for easy sail handling. Light wind performance is so good that an auxiliary motor, which can be fitted, is really not necessary. In stronger winds, moving out to the windward float will add lots of stability without having to hike out on a trapeze. She points well too, sailing upwind better than most beach cats, and tacks almost instantly.

The self-bailing cockpit features comfortable upright seating with your feet on the floor and a good backrest. There’s stowage in the hull forward and aft for boat and safety equipment as well as camping gear for the adventurous. The crossbeams fold upward for legal trailering width and the process of setting up and breaking down is straightforward.

Chris White Designs Discovery 21The Discovery 21 is available from Aquidneck Custom Composites (builders of several immaculate A57 cats as well as other fine yachts) as either a complete boat with trailer or as a kit for owner assembly. Modern design and construction methods are used to efficiently produce high strength, low weight hulls, decks and crossbeams. Working with Aquidneck Custom, we developed tooling for hulls, deck and crossbeams that speed fabrication of vacuum bagged honey comb cored parts in glass or carbon fiber. This allows efficient production of very high quality parts that can be sold in “kit” form to owners wishing to complete the boat themselves or as a boat finished by ACC.

D21 CWDbanner.ed.250The D21 is an updated version of the very popular Discovery 20, designed 35 years ago. While the original was a great boat, and quite advanced for the time, changes in construction techniques and materials as well as advances in rig design and sail materials called for an updated version of this great little trimaran. 

Here’s the builder’s first report to the owner:
Quick report is awesome. The boat is balanced beautifully and slips along in light air. Did a little close reaching and built some apparent-- gps said 11 in under 10 knots true-- with main and jib…for a maiden voyage I give her an A+. 
Best—Bill ”