I’m frequently in contact with owners of my boats, many of whom are now valued friends. Sometimes they seek advice, other times they tell me about their sailing experiences. Their comments are often valuable and gratifying. I occasionally get ideas for design modifications from them, and what sailor (especially a landbound one) doesn’t enjoy a good sailing story?

Chris White Designs has been in operation since 1983, and there’ve been many articles written about my designs in the yachting press. Here are a few of them. Thanks to all publications for reprint permission.

Yacht racing is not my thing. With very few exceptions the boats I design are intended to cruise, not race. These days, a competitive race boat is by definition, fragile, over canvassed, and under equipped for cruising. Typically it also has a very short life span due to excessively light construction scantlings.

That said, I enjoy boats that sail well, and most of my designs move along smartly, even when loaded for cruising. Occasional racing is a great way to sharpen your sailing skills and really find out how your boat does compared to others.

Over the years owners of my designs have had some noteworthy results, a few of which are posted here.

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