Hi Chris

" We are having a blast on the boat here in Mexico, now in Santa Rosalia and heading up to Bahia de Los Angeles for hurricane season.  It is a lot different from what we are used to in Florida and the Bahamas.  We sure get a lot of admiring comments on the design - most everyone recognizes it. Hope you are doing well, and getting some sailing in and not just working all the time!"

John Kremski and Sharon Del Bianco, A46 "Sunbow"

Monday, 01 December, 2008


"I've been doing the Sea of Abaco tour for the past three weeks. One question: so where is the 30-foot Chris White statue located in the Bahamas? I can't pull into a harbor without having somebody roar up in a dinghy and ask "is that a Chris White boat, I've always wanted to see one?" But I had to persuade one guy that no, it really isn't a Gunboat.  I'm having a good time and it is the perfect boat for this shallow water. I take pleasure when people ask about her draft and giving it in inches rather than feet! I couldn't imagine a more perfect boat..."

Harvey Schwartz, A42 Catharsis

Date: 20 Dec 2008
Hi Chris,
"I trust you're well and all looking forward to the Christmas break...(is there ever a break for the self employed?)
We are currently mid Atlantic at 18N 34W and going well. We've had 3 days of 30-40 kts and currently going downwind with goosewinged staysail and genoa. Very stable and easy to shorten or increase sail, directionally stable to ease autohelm...great.
Quite a bit of surfing at 13-20 kts with main up and 3 reefs (a bit too fast for all on board), so now surfing at 12-16 and making about 8 between surfs - so much better.
Pegasus is really remarkable. She handles the waves beautifully and is very stable. It's taken a while to trust her but with the current rig we can go a long, long way. Very sustainable.
Hope you all have a great Christmas.
We've got our "Santa stop here" sign in the back window and a Christmas tree in the dinghy so were all set!"
All the Best,
Jason, Amanda, Jean-Jaques and Louis, 
A46, Pegasus

Hi Chris,
"I cannot tell you how happy I've been with the boat.
We left Northeast Harbour (Maine) at 10 in the morning sick of the rotten fog and we sailed to Shelbourne, Nova Scotia arriving at 7 in the morning- that is 165 miles.
Stefania took care of the 3 little girls while I did the sailing. If we didn't have our Atlantic cat it would have been too much for me.
The fog never lifted so we motorsailed with a light south wind 'till night. Later hit the wind but it was so cold I would have gone sick. Instead I was inside, sailing with radar and electronics in my shorts and heaters going just fine. What a difference for sailing safe.
At 20 years old you can sit outside all night but now I just do not have the ability to do that.
Thanks mate, your design is choice!"
Antonio Pasquale, A42 “Duality”

Aboard Atlantic 57 Nogal, maiden voyage from Valdivia, Chile

"The first night out we did have a bumpy ride with winds gusting up to 40 knots aft the beam with a rather confused sea. We reefed right down, three reefs in the main and using the staysail and it wasn't bad at all.
I used to have a Fontaine Pajot and Nogal was just a Rolls Royce ride compared with that.
I think Nogal is a fantastic cruising cat. Fast and very easy to handle. We hit 18 knots a couple of times on the second night before Ron asked me to slow her down.
She felt completely in control, tracking like she was on rails.
I am sure you are very proud of the A57 and quite rightly."

Bob Goodchild, Surveyor April 2009

19 April, 2009

Hello Chris,

"We had a quick chat with Pegasus in Balboa (Panama) but no chance for a good visit yet.
Grace is the best boat in the worlk.
We keep finding ways to make her work better.  Thanks again."

Jim and Kay, A42 "Grace"

Dec. 15, 2009


“…we left Antigua for St. Vincent Sunday morning in company with a new Gunboat 66™. (Gunboat and Gunboat 66 are trademarks of Gunboat, Inc.) The wind was blowing quite fresh between 25 and 30 knots.
We chose to sail east of Guadeloupe and Dominica and anchor in St Pierre on the north end of Martinique for the night. (150 miles harbor to harbor)
We left going to weather with 2 reefs in the main and the staysail and then shook out one reef as we cracked off the wind and later with full main and staysail. At all times CERULEAN was fully under control and flying. We crept up to the Gunboat™ with 2 reefs, both boats shook one reef and that is where some of the photos were taken. Then more photos were taken when we sailed past them on the leeward side with full main.
In 14 hrs of sailing we were never more than a mile apart.

By the way all the real sailors absolutely love CERULEAN and what's not to love."

Best regards,
Alan Weeks, A57 “Cerulean”

A note from a charter guest aboard Atlantic 57 "Cerulean", January, 2010

Chris --

"A brief note to tell you about our charter on the Atlantic 57 'Cerulean'. This was a fantastic vacation combining great sailing, superb gourmet dining, and a good measure of leisurely relaxation.
First, as to the sailing, the performance of the A57 is just incredible. A couple of examples -- I was amazed at the ease of short tacking between two prominent reefs along the south coast of Carriacou in 20+ knots true wind and square waves, all in complete control and comfort with no need to adjust sails due to the self-tacking jib-boom. My wife then set the speed record for the trip at 16.1 knots while we were shooting back along the lee side of Grenada.

One our goals for the charter was to see if the larger Atlantic cats could be handled by a couple and we were impressed not only by just how easy it is to sail these cats fast, but also by how much fun it is for those of us acclimated to performance-oriented monohulls. The cable steering system on the larger Atlantic cats indeed provides light fingertip control and feeling, particularly with the lee board down.
The gourmet dining experience on board Cerulean is just superb, to the point that this stands out as a major facet of the charter. Liz is a fantastic chef who takes careful account of guest preferences, while applying her own special creativity to each meal. Her flare for presentation of each dish is worthy of a top restaurant.
Alan, as skipper, orchestrated the perfect itinerary for the kind of relaxation we were seeking with plenty of time for snorkeling, reading on deck, and leisurely meals. Another dimension to the relaxed luxury of Cerulean, is that she is a very well-appointed and nicely finished yacht, maintained to impeccable standards by Alan and Liz.

So all-in-all, a wonderful experience that we can recommend highly and a really enjoyable way to get an in-depth feel for your Atlantic cats."
-- Dave

“…..This was the best sail I have ever had…”

“….I love Pata Gao …Most importantly though, my family loves the boat and the adventures that come with it.”

Hello Alex (of Alwoplast Marine) and Chris,

I’m back in Maryland and very happy to see my family again, but other than that; I’m still wondering why I made that last left. I knew the moment we rounded Cape Henry that heading up the (Chesapeake) Bay just wasn’t right. That premonition was validated when less than a mile from my final destination, we were cutting off the lightning rod so we could get under the bridge!!!!!! 6000 miles of sailing and at the end….doink! I Chris White Designs A57 Pata Gaocould give you a list of my other mistakes for the benefit of your next customers, but those guys won’t listen either!

In all, it has been a great experience. ….I love Pata Gao and the ocean and I wish I was back out there. Most importantly though, my family loves the boat and the adventures that come with it. They got a good taste of what’s yet to come during our Galapagos Island hopping, the 900 mile passage to Panama and transit thru the canal and they were very sad to leave when the time came to fly out of Panama.

“…nothing short of spectacular…” 

Aboard Atlantic 55 ‘Saphira’ April, 2010 

Hi Chris, 

Over the last year, Jen, Holly (14), Tucker (12) and I have sailed about 8,000 miles on Saphira. 

As you know, I am a beginner on catamarans. While we have chartered six or eight different designs, including the Gunboat 62, this can hardly be called sailing experience; and Hobie cats probably can’t either. On the other hand, I have sailed more than 100,000 miles on monohulls over my 57 years (!), including five Atlantic crossings and two or three Pacific crossings depending on how you count them. I have sailed in all seven oceans, rounded Cape Horn and Stewart Island south of New Zealand, forged through ice over 80° north and cruised in the canals of Europe. I have been a member of a winning US Admirals Cup team and raced Fasnet, SORC and all the northeast circuits a number of times. I even did reasonably well in Tempests back when they were popular. All this is intended as a way to say that I have some perspective on sailing in general and Chris White Designs A55monohulls in particular.

"...I'm delighted with the boat...the center cockpit is brilliant..."

From Ken Gibson, new owner of Atlantic 48 'Resolute'

April 2011

Hi Chris,

I hope you are well and have enjoyed a great Easter break! I'm just back in Sydney after joining Resolute on the leg across the Pacific from the Galapagos Islands to Nuku Hiva, in the Marquesas. Here is a link with some pictures and a video, in case you are interested:


Chris White Designs A48The bottom line is I'm delighted with the boat. For this particular leg - basically 16 days with steady trade winds on the beam or quarter, it is hard to imagine a more comfortable and practical boat for the trip.