Date: 20 Dec 2008
Hi Chris,
"I trust you're well and all looking forward to the Christmas break...(is there ever a break for the self employed?)
We are currently mid Atlantic at 18N 34W and going well. We've had 3 days of 30-40 kts and currently going downwind with goosewinged staysail and genoa. Very stable and easy to shorten or increase sail, directionally stable to ease autohelm...great.
Quite a bit of surfing at 13-20 kts with main up and 3 reefs (a bit too fast for all on board), so now surfing at 12-16 and making about 8 between surfs - so much better.
Pegasus is really remarkable. She handles the waves beautifully and is very stable. It's taken a while to trust her but with the current rig we can go a long, long way. Very sustainable.
Hope you all have a great Christmas.
We've got our "Santa stop here" sign in the back window and a Christmas tree in the dinghy so were all set!"
All the Best,
Jason, Amanda, Jean-Jaques and Louis, 
A46, Pegasus