Dec. 15, 2009


“…we left Antigua for St. Vincent Sunday morning in company with a new Gunboat 66™. (Gunboat and Gunboat 66 are trademarks of Gunboat, Inc.) The wind was blowing quite fresh between 25 and 30 knots.
We chose to sail east of Guadeloupe and Dominica and anchor in St Pierre on the north end of Martinique for the night. (150 miles harbor to harbor)
We left going to weather with 2 reefs in the main and the staysail and then shook out one reef as we cracked off the wind and later with full main and staysail. At all times CERULEAN was fully under control and flying. We crept up to the Gunboat™ with 2 reefs, both boats shook one reef and that is where some of the photos were taken. Then more photos were taken when we sailed past them on the leeward side with full main.
In 14 hrs of sailing we were never more than a mile apart.

By the way all the real sailors absolutely love CERULEAN and what's not to love."

Best regards,
Alan Weeks, A57 “Cerulean”