A note from a charter guest aboard Atlantic 57 "Cerulean", January, 2010

Chris --

"A brief note to tell you about our charter on the Atlantic 57 'Cerulean'. This was a fantastic vacation combining great sailing, superb gourmet dining, and a good measure of leisurely relaxation.
First, as to the sailing, the performance of the A57 is just incredible. A couple of examples -- I was amazed at the ease of short tacking between two prominent reefs along the south coast of Carriacou in 20+ knots true wind and square waves, all in complete control and comfort with no need to adjust sails due to the self-tacking jib-boom. My wife then set the speed record for the trip at 16.1 knots while we were shooting back along the lee side of Grenada.

One our goals for the charter was to see if the larger Atlantic cats could be handled by a couple and we were impressed not only by just how easy it is to sail these cats fast, but also by how much fun it is for those of us acclimated to performance-oriented monohulls. The cable steering system on the larger Atlantic cats indeed provides light fingertip control and feeling, particularly with the lee board down.
The gourmet dining experience on board Cerulean is just superb, to the point that this stands out as a major facet of the charter. Liz is a fantastic chef who takes careful account of guest preferences, while applying her own special creativity to each meal. Her flare for presentation of each dish is worthy of a top restaurant.
Alan, as skipper, orchestrated the perfect itinerary for the kind of relaxation we were seeking with plenty of time for snorkeling, reading on deck, and leisurely meals. Another dimension to the relaxed luxury of Cerulean, is that she is a very well-appointed and nicely finished yacht, maintained to impeccable standards by Alan and Liz.

So all-in-all, a wonderful experience that we can recommend highly and a really enjoyable way to get an in-depth feel for your Atlantic cats."
-- Dave