June, 2012

Hi Chris,

Great to hear from you. I hope you are well and enjoying summer!  How is the new 47' coming along?

Yes - we're into the swing of cruising now, and I'm increasing in confidence daily.  There have been several things to get used too, and I'd put navigating coral reefs near the top of the list, but overall I've been amazed how easy it has all been, and what a wonderful cruising area Fiji is.  We're constantly meeting people who've cruised here  several years in a row, sailing from Australia or New Zealand each season...

My biggest lesson so far is 'less is more' - less planning, less ambitious itineraries, fewer commitments with fly in guests....  That won't surprise you.  We've just decided to take New Caledonia completely off the list for this trip, and concentrate on Fiji and Vanuatu in the remaining months. I'm looking forward to it all.

Resolute is fantastic - not a day goes by when I don't see another aspect to the design which 'just works'. I amuse myself sometimes by effortlessly sailing past other boats, but it is cheap fun, and mostly we're slowing the boat down and being conservative.  I can totally see the logic of your new Mast Foil, and am eagerly waiting to hear how she sails in practice.

Warm regards

Ken Gibson

You can follow Resolute's cruise here with two videos:

Resolute sails from Sydney to Lord Howe
Resolute sails from Lord Howe to Fiji



Dear Alex and Roni,

Just a brief note before we head off north to the Galapagos.

I, and all the motley crew of Aussies, feel we can not leave without letting you and all the friendly, efficient team at Alwoplast know how much we have enjoyed our stay with you in Valdivia.

In particular, I have enjoyed the entire sequence of initial negotiation on the Atlantic 57, the building process and now completion, sea-trials and final hand-over. It has been an exciting process, the exact opposite to some of the horror stories told about custom yachts delivered late and way over budget.

From Charlie Pingree, builder and owner of Hammerhead 54' Trimaran 'Flying Fish'

Dear Chris, In this cat crazed sailing world, I wanted to remind you that your H-54 trimaran rules! 

I doubt that any cruising boat as comfortable as Flying Fish goes as fast, and as we know "fast is fun". 

I was reminded just how much fun last summer when my Hammerhead 54, "Flying Fish" came out from behind one the many islands of East Penobscot Bay to find the newly launched 90' Gunboat working to windward and headed for the Fox Island Thorofare. I had heard enough of the the Gunboat hype with never a Gunboat in any NEMA (New England Multihull Association) race I have participated in to not let such an opportunity slip by.