1965 Started sailing Long Island Sound in Lightnings, Cal 25, etc.
1973 Started construction of 31’ Searunner Trimaran
1974 Crew 31’ Searunner trimaran delivery New York to Florida
1975 Captain, 31’ trimaran "Shadowfax", New York to Virgin Islands
1976 Captain, Shadowfax, Virgin Islands to Venezuela
1977 January, Captain, Shadowfax single handed Venezuela to Santo Domingo, DR
1977 Feb/April, Captain, Shadowfax cruise South and West coast Haiti
1977 May/June, Captain, Shadowfax cruise Bahamas to Florida
1978 Captain, Shadowfax Florida to Virginia
1979-1981 Designed and constructed 52’ trimaran “Juniper”
1980 Crew, 60’ trimaran “Rouge Wave” Chesapeake Bay to Florida
1981 Captain, 52’ trimaran "Juniper", Virginia to Nantucket to Virginia
1982 Captain, Juniper, Virginia to Nantucket
1982 Captain, Juniper, Nantucket to Virgin Islands
1982 Captain, Juniper, Virgin Is. cruise to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Virginia
1983 Captain, Juniper, Virginia to Maine
1984 Captain, Juniper, Virginia to Nantucket
1985 Captain, Juniper, Virginia to S. Dartmouth, MA
1985 Crew, first Atlantic 50 Catamaran, Buzzards Bay, MA to Norfolk VA
1986 Captain, Juniper, Dartmouth MA to eastern Maine to Dartmouth, MA
1989 Captain, Juniper, Marblehead, MA to Halifax, Nova Scotia to Dartmouth MA
1991 Crew, Privilege 48 cat, St. Vincent to Grenada
1992 Crew 48’ catamaran “LeCatito” (CW Design) Wilmington, NC to Virgin Islands.
1993 Crew Atlantic 50’ catamaran “Arabella” (CW Design) St. Thomas, VI to Bahamas
1994 Captain, Juniper, Massachusetts to Maine
1995 Captain, Juniper, Massachusetts to Bermuda to Turks and Caicos
1996-1997 trimaran Juniper based in Bahamas, then returned to Buzzards Bay
1996 Crew 54’ trimaran “Hammerhead” (CW Design) Buzzards Bay to Chesapeake Bay
1996 Crew 48’ catamaran “Brio” (CW Design) Stuart, FL to Wilmington, NC
1996 Crew 45’ cat “Whale and the Bird” (CW Design) San Francisco, CA to San Diego, CA
1997 Crew 65’ catamaran “Fishead” (CW Design) Charleston, SC to Newport, RI.
1997 Crew 63’ catamaran “Heron” (CW Design) Buzzards Bay, MA to Chesapeake Bay, VA
1998 Crew 63’ catamaran “Heron” Buzzards Bay, MA to Savannah, GA
2001 Crew new Explorer 44 trimaran (CW Design) St. Petersburgh, FL to Wilmington, NC
2001 Captain, Explorer 44 trimaran Buzzards Bay, MA to Cheaspeake Bay, VA
2002 Crew 63’ catamaran “Heron” (CW Design) Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Buzzards Bay, MA
2004, January, Captain Atlantic 55 "Javelin" (CW Design) Cape Town, South Africa to Recife, Brazil
2004 Feb. Captain, Javelin, double hand, Recife, Brazil to Trinidad
2004 March, Captain, Javelin, Trinidad, to Tortola, British Virgin Islands
2004 June, Captain, Javelin, British Virgin Islands to Bermuda
2004 Nov. Captain, Javelin, Bermuda to British Virgin Islands
2005 Jan. Captain, Javelin, double hand British Virgin Islands to Saba then to Curacao
2005 March Captain, Javelin,cruise Curaco
2005 June, Captain, Javelin, Curacao to Guatemala
2005, Nov. Captain, Javelin, cruise Belize
2006 Jan. Captain, Javelin, cruise Belize
2006 July Captain, Javelin, Guatemala to Miami, FL
2006 Aug. Captain, Javelin, Miami, FL to Buzzards Bay, MA
2006 Oct. Crew, A57, Bristol, RI to New York City
2006 Nov. Captain, Javelin, Buzzards Bay, MA to Wilmington, NC
2006 Dec  Captain, Javelin, Wilmington, NC to Georgetown Bahamas
2007 Jan,  Captain, Javelin, Cruise Jumentos Cays, Bahamas
2007 April Captain, Javelin, cruise Long Is, Rum Cay, San Salvador, Bahamas
2007 June, Captain, Javelin, GeorgeTown Bahamas to Dartmouth, MA
2007 Oct.  Captain, Javelin, Dartmouth, MA to Annapolis, MD
2007 Nov. Captain, Javelin, Annapolis, MD to Great Exuma, Bahamas
2008 Jan. A55 Captain, Bahamas cruise
2008 March  Captain, Javelin, Bahamas cruise
2008 June  Crew, A57 "Leopard" Bristol, RI to Bermuda
2008 Sept. Captain, Javelin, Bahamas Cruise
2009 Jan.  Captain, Javelin, Exuma, Baamas to Providenciales, Turks and Caicos
2009 Jan  single-handed, Javelin Providenciales, Turks and Caicos to Boqueron, Puerto Rico
2009 Feb-Mar,  Captain, Javelin, Boqueron, PR to British Virgin Islands
2009 April, Captain, Javelin, British Virgin Islands - Grenada, Trinidad, Grenada
2009 October, Captain Javelin cruise Grenada, St. Vincent
2010 Captain, Javelin, Grenada - St Martin - Grenada
2011 Captain, Javelin,  Grenada - Martinique East Coast, Dominica, Bequia, St Lucia, Trinidad
2012 Captain, Javelin, Trinidad-Grenada-Bonaire-Aruba-San Blas, Panama-Bocas del Toro, Panama
2013 Captain, Javelin, Panama, Caribbean coast
2013 Crew, A47MastFoil Valdivia, Chile - Valparaiso, Chile
2014 Captain, Javelin, Panama Canal to Pacific Ocean- Costa Rica- Nicaragua- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
2015 Captain, Javelin, Cruise Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Missing from the above list and too numerous to itemize are several hundred day sails in coastal waters, races, sea trials on CW Designs and sails on other multihulls.

1983 - present Chris White Designs - Professional multihull design.

2003 - present Designed and currently sail Atlantic 55 cat Javelin.

1978 - 2006 Designed, built and owned “Juniper” a 52’ trimaran,

1973 - 1979 Built and owned “Shadowfax” 31’ Searunner trimaran