Chris White Designs Spindrift 14MSpindrift 14M was commissioned by a Chesapeake Bay area couple who wanted a very fast, very fuel efficient and comfortable power cat for their home waters of the Chesapeake Bay. 

Additional requirements included ease of handling for a couple, accommodations for six people, and living spaces for casual family weekends. Shallow draft and excellent maneuverability were also priorities.
These needs were met with Spindrift, a 14 meter (45 foot) diesel/water jet drive cat. With the addition of a HYSUCAT hydrofoil between the hulls, remarkable speeds and fuel efficiency are achieved. The foil also improves comfort underway by providing a large measure of motion damping – significantly reducing pitching.

Maximum speed is 36 knots.

Chris White Designs Spindrift 14MWith 20 inches of draft, great living spaces, fantastic performance, and unmatched fuel economy, Spindrift 14M is a winner.